“10 seconds TOM’s” of Oslo

by artanharacia

EU and their PEACE

An analysis about the “Nobel’s” decision to praise EU as a peacemaker

Part 1

They support Balkan leaders with alleged criminal background; they even cover for them when they manipulate elections. Once they went as far as congratulating a Serbian presidential candidate while people were still voting…

For those still wondering, I am talking about European Union, “the peacemaker” of 2012, as per the Nobel Committee.

Actually, there is a movie character that best describes the members of the Nobel Committee who thought European Union should be rewarded for their peace contribution. He was described as “the most clinical distinguished subject”…

“Ten seconds TOM” is a character from Drew Barrymore’s movie “50 first dates”, a man that suffers from a short, very short memory loss. It takes only ten seconds for him to forget everything.

I think this is a much nicer way to describe the “Nobel” committee, probably instead of just saying a bunch of possible senile old people.

You must suffer from short term memory loss forgetting every ten seconds those pictures of people covered in blood, mostly coming from Greece and Spain, primarily because of EU leaders’ decisions. This is the time when EU is going through its worst crises ever.

Except from EU itself, no one was really convinced they deserved that prize. You should have seen Nick Clegg’s face not even trying to hide his shock and disbelief when they told him the news live. He is the champion of the few British pro EU politicians.

Actually, the main reason why I decided to write something about this topic now is one of the reasons mentioned by the Nobel Committee, THE CONTRIBUTION IN THE BALKANS.

In fact, every EU attempt to bring peace in the Balkans failed miserably. It was always NATO that brought those horrible wars in the Balkan to an end, from the first part of the 1990’s to their end.

Now, almost all of the Balkans societies remain very poor; rule of law remains one of the most serious concerning issues because of the large presence of corruption and organized crime… In Kosovo, EU has sent the biggest and costliest mission ever to fight organized crime, bring corrupted people to justice and they have executive authority to do that.

A recent report published from the EU Court of Auditors said that mission, called EULEX, failed to help Kosovo face its worst enemies, corruption and organized crime.

A few days ago, for the first time ever, Prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia met in Brussels, under the auspices of the EU. The meeting was considered “historical”, 13 years after the war in Kosovo ended. So far so good, but this contribution brings up a legitimate question; who is actually profiting from the EU help in the Balkans?

to be continued…