“10 seconds TOM’s” of Oslo II

by artanharacia

EU and their peace

An analysis about the “Nobel’s” decision to praise EU as a peacemaker

They support Balkan leaders with alleged criminal background; they even cover for them when they manipulate elections. Once they went as far as congratulating a Serbian presidential candidate while people were still voting…

Part 2

Ivica Dacic (second from the right), is the Prime minister of Serbia and the other one (second from the left) is Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister of Kosovo. Both leaders, praised very much by the EU especially for being ready to meet, have quite a dark background.

Ivica Dacic from Serbia was and remains to this day a big fan of Slobodan Milosevic, the late President of Yugoslavia/Serbia during the ’90, better known as The Butcher of the Balkans. He was his spokesperson to be more exact. What happened in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo or better saying the big numbers of civilian victims are primarily “thanks” to the deeds/decisions of Milosevic. In the Balkans, Dacic is better known as, “Mali Sloba” (Serbian for “Little Slobodan”).

Serbian Prime Minister, Ivica Dacic better known as “Mali Sloba” (Little Slobodan)

So, Milosevic’s Goebbels only 13 years after the last atrocities in the Balkans finds his doors wide open in Brussels.

Just for your information, Dacic runs a government coalition together with former Serbian Radical Party members whose politics is also to publicly deny that the killing of over seven thousand civilians in Bosnia’s Srebrenica was not genocide.

Actually there is quite a funny story about…well, let’s call it now “EU contribution” for Serbia. On May 10, Serbia was going through its second round of Presidential elections.

It was a neck to neck race between the democrat, Boris Tadic and former radical, Tomislav Nikolic, no one really knowing who could win. Not so difficult for the EU…. NO… Two hours before the polling centers would close; European Union publishes a press release congratulating Nikolic on his win, while Serbs were still voting.

Most of my Serbian colleagues said it was a mistake, because in the end, they believed, the democrat will make it. Much to their disappointment, Tomislav Nikolic won the elections and is now the President of Serbia. Too much of a coincidence? You decide.

EU congratulated former Radical, Tomislav NIkolic while Serbs were still voting for the new President

On the other hand, we have the Prime Minister of Kosovo. Well, to have a clearer picture, The Guardian on January last year reported something really interesting based on western military reports leaked to them.

These reports said that: “Kosovo‘s Prime Minister, Hashim Thaçi, has been identified as one of the ‘biggest fish’ in organized crime in his country”.

It was the Guardian that actually made another story about Kosovo Prime, a worldwide story and that includes nothing less than accusation’s about alleged illegal organ harvesting during the war in Kosovo. There is an EU-run investigation going on right now about that.

The Guardian report on Kosovo Prime Minister

It’s funny though that there is no other Western Balkan leader that is praised more than Prime Minister Thaci. Not only that, but when necessary, EU’s most important officials provided him with arguments to escape easily accusations of election fraud.

Kosovo’s last general elections held in January 2010 are better known to be the worst and most manipulated elections ever held in Europe’s newest country. Back then, The Economist quoted several western diplomats who witnessed industrial – scale fraud or others who said that “the words ‘vote count’ should be substituted by ‘vote cook”.

I don’t believe that in any other country in the world the turnout would go as far as 116%. In central Kosovo, there were polling centers where beside the 940 voters, the entire number of the people eligible to vote, another 300 had apparently voted.

The Economist on Kosovo elections

All of the “votes” were for the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the one lead from the Prime Minister, Thaci.

Now comes the “fun” part. Hours before Kosovo’s Central Election Commission said anything, hours after media kept reporting about problems and fraud…two of the TOP EU officials issued a statement congratulating Kosovo for orderly elections.

As you can see in the statement attached to this post, deputy president of the EU Commission, Baroness Catherine Ashton and EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, congratulates Kosovo about something that went entirely wrong.

EU officials on Kosovo elections

In the days to come, all televised political debates would be with the prime minister’s associates showing the EU statement supporting the worst elections Kosovo ever had. “THANK YOU” EU, our very much corrupted government is enormously indebted to you.

The list can go as far as you want…there are plenty of other things that apparently ‘Ten Seconds Toms’ of Oslo didn’t even bother to check.

The Nobel Committee thanked EU for giving “the possibility of membership for Turkey” because this as they said, “(it) also has advanced democracy and human rights in that country”.

The last report about Turkey is jailing more than 70 journalists, the absolute majority of them because of their media work.

When they gave the Prize to Barack Obama, I don’t think that anyone believed they can top that. Well, they did, just a few years later.

After the news broke out of EU becoming the last Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a German Green Party MP said let’s hope that EU will not have the same downturn as Obama did, right after they gave him that prize.