A London experience vs. a never-ending story

by artanharacia


When living and studying in London writing about your personal experience as most of my colleagues at the Westminster University Journalism class do makes perfect sense.

I guess working for almost a decade as a journalist for Balkan media has done its part in keeping me “isolated” on the things going on in the region of “Blood and Honey”, the never ending mixture due to all the events that historically happened there.  These events “end” with the famous line ‘to be continued’ and they do, unfortunately, continue forever…as my obsession with those stories does.

The last days before I travelled here, to Harrow to be more exact, all of my friends had one thing to say to me…”Don’t forget to have fun; this opportunity comes once in a lifetime”. I think they know me too well, because so far, even though we were specifically told at the University to become “news junkies” with international news, I still can’t get all the Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and other Balkan websites out of my head.

I agree this is a shame because if London doesn’t take away the attention from everything else, what can? As a Chevening Scholar, it would be a much bigger shame if I should even think of complaining about the opportunities. There are so many events organized either by other Chevening scholars or the Committee that manages the scheme for the British government, making it the London experience is indeed unique.

And when I thought I am “unfixable” something really fun and exciting happened. Hyde Park actually happened, the amazing “never-ending” green space that seems to be twice as enjoyable with other Chevening scholars from around the world.

An amazing part of being a member of that community is that you can go to a picnic with people you meet for the first time and talk for hours like you have known each other for ages.


You can chat to skilled, experienced young people, from far away Australia or Mauritius, or you can just share your disappointment with a student from Bosnia and Herzegovina about the way our Balkan countries are going…oh…here we go again…Sorry about that, force of habit…

Nevertheless, I think this also says a lot about Britain, as a country and society, a real country of opportunities with open-minded people that bring together young professionals from all around the world creating one of the biggest and most respected networks of young professional’s. A British University diploma makes this whole experience a true one of a kind in the end!