Obama says he is a kingpin, he wanders free in Kosovo

by artanharacia

Another Balkan “funny” story….and yes, ITS COMPLICATED

US Congress and plenty of Senate Committees know him, Barack Obama thinks he is a dangerous man …That’s why Obama even wrote a letter to the Congress putting restrictions on him under the “kingpin act”, freezing any assets he may have under American jurisdiction. But, in the Balkans, he wanders free, with the Police not knowing whether he should be arrested or not?

Barack Obama’s letter to the Congress can be read on this link

His name is Naser Kelmendi, quite the star in the Balkans, not the way he wants to be though. Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) wrote that he and “his sons, Elvis, Liridon and Besnik as well as his brother, Beqir (Bechir) own a number of businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, including hotels, and a trucking company”.

The investigative project say the Americans, and at least Bosnia’s prosecution believes he is in charge of a big heroin and cocaine trafficking organization to Europe, through the Balkans. With other words, Albanian run Mafia, in close cooperation with other people from the region.

To those who read my first post in this blog I said that in the Balkans all the wrong people cooperate with each other, mainly on organized crime. Naser Kelmendi is the perfect example on that. Actually he is the perfect example to explain why the Balkans is a complete dysfunctional region.

The Kosovo Albanian businessman has done business with Bosnians, Montenegrin businessman, and according to Bosnia’s Investigative Reporting Center, generally illegal things like smuggling drugs, cigarettes, trafficking in people and laundering money.

In Kosovo he walks in the street like he has no problems at all and the police can’t arrest him, because (here we go) Bosnia doesn’t recognize Kosovo and therefore doesn’t agree to send a warrant request to Kosovo Police, because Serbia would be mad if they do and then Bosnia’s territory would definitely separate…Yes, ITS COMPLICATED…otherwise it wouldn’t be a Balkan story.

Kosovo media has been publishing the news about Kelmendi walking in the Kosovan western town, Peje, close to the border with Montenegro, with pictures, so often it’s like they are screaming:



Honestly, I keep making the same mistake over and over again, thinking there is nothing else happening in the Balkans that can shock me more…I always get “disappointed” to understand that there is something else I didn’t know and that is even more shocking that the last one.