One week of UN “attendance” = 2500 pensions

by artanharacia

Kosovo is a very small and poor country, but the shocking things that happen due to the weird behavior of this Balkan country politician’s are absolutely BIG!

Although not a member of United Nations, a delegation of 50 officials, including top leaders of Kosovo traveled to New York to…well, as they say, “attend” UN General Assembly meeting.

In a simple calculation made from one of the most influential economy analysts in Kosovo, Lumir Abdixhiku, this whole trip, in a matter of days will take approximately 200 thousand euros out of the very small budget of the Balkan country.

According to Abdixhiku’s facebook status all this money covers almost 2500 pensions, or over 1100 minimum wages in Kosovo.

“So, a seven day trip abroad of a Kosovo politician equals with the living costs of 8 Kosovars for an entire year” claimed Abdixhiku.

According to UN website, General Assembly “is the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations” and meetings will last for a week. So, the small Balkan country’s BIG delegation will have a lot of time to sightsee New York, considered America’s most exciting city. Some news portals reported that the entire delegation will reside at one of the most expensive hotels in New York, InterContinental Hotel…

Many from over 4 thousand people I have as my Facebook friends, have expressed their anger and disgust with their country’s decision makers, because all the sightseeing and the fun will be paid from their pockets, officially called “taxpayers” money.

One of them wrote: “this must be the delegation of China and not of Kosovo”.

My editor in chief at KosovoCenter for Investigative Journalism saw this trip in a different way, though: “Today, while Kosovo woke up without some 50 top-officials who are on an “official trip” to New York, corruption might hit the lowest point in history…..”

Kosovo most favorite Facebook parody turns American “The Simpsons” character’s into “The Pimps” of Kosovo political scene

Kosovans favorite parody series, “The Pimpsons” obviously got a large injection to continue mocking the countries politician’s, showing the large Kosovo delegation in front of an airplane before flying to New York.

FYI, “The Pimpsons” as the author, Fisnik Ismaili, says is a mock up parody of “The Simpsons” characters with Kosovo political figures where the latter are actually “The Pimps”. The main figure used to be former US Ambassador, Christopher Dell, always controlling Kosovo puppet leaders, while the Prime minister of the country is usually seen with an army uniform and sometimes with blood on his hands.