Corruption and Politics

by artanharacia

These are something that I will be writing about in this blog!
Sharing some news from a region, the Balkans and especially Kosovo that obviously are doomed to make headlines in the world only when people are being killed for absolutely no reason.

The wars have stopped and unfortunately only the wrong cooperation between Balkan nations is happening, the one between people who are involved in smuggling, corruption and organized crime.

You might think that a 31 year old man who is passionate about what he does, journalism, having a nice decent job for the country he comes from, Kosovo, he practically has everything he needs…

I didn’t think so! That’s why I quit my job, and came in Britain to further my study in Broadcast Journalism at Westminster University in Harrow, London.
To be honest, becoming a Chevening Scholar and then accepted at Westminster School of Media and Arts helped a lot.

Being probably one of the oldest student with some experience is also freaking me out. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know anything and sometimes I think whether I should be ashamed if there is something I don’t know… But, after a while, I relax myself thinking that British Media School is considered the best in the world and certainly the lecturers at Westminster has been making sure us to feel that way the first three days.

In the other hand, some people might also call me crazy to simply give up almost everything in my country, especially a career that was going well, but I feel like I really needed to go away from my country, where I spent most of the time (about ten years) writing and reporting about domestic politics. Doing that is exhausting having in mind that politics in the Balkans is very much linked to many wrongdoings like corruption and organized crime. Even more exhausting is when you keep reporting and pointing the finger to the things going wrong, most of the time, and nothing happens. With a lame, almost non existing prosecution, the politicians that are generally subject to media reporting about corruption now even laugh at journalists calls, because they know, nothing will happen, even when its absolutely clear that he or she did something horribly wrong.

Balkan is actually really incredible of probably being the only region in the world where war heroes within few years become some of the most controversial people for some of the worst phenomena that exist in the world.
This is one of the main reasons that somehow forced me to start doing some investigative reporting the last two years, mainly the link between politics and corruption.

For those interested in the issue, I am posting also a documentary Kosovo Center for Investigative Journalism made last year where I, together with two colleagues of mine worked on the screenplay. It’s called, “Corruption and Organized Crime in Kosovo, 10 years of cohabitation with the politics”